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Norwood Venture Corp. (NVC) provides risk capital to both private and public companies for growth, acquisition, buyouts, and special situations such as recapitalization, bridge financing, and turnarounds.

  • Investments are usually structured as five to seven year debt, with equity participations via conversion or warrants.

  • NVC seeks investments featuring experienced management in business situations that present opportunities for exceptional growth and profitability.

  • Our investment policy is not restrictive regarding the nature of a company's business. However, early-stage financings comprise a limited portion of our portfolio.

  • Historically, NVC has been active nationwide. We continue to seek investments throughout the U.S.

  • Our preferred range of investment is $50,000 to $250,000 per company. However, larger requirements can be addressed through coinvestment with other firms.

    Norwood Venture Corp.
    57 Lake Street
    Cooperstown, NY 13326

    Phone: 917.748.5734